Philosophy of Counseling

Our goal is simply to see lives restored. Our mission is to live out the gospel by counseling and teaching individuals, couples, and families in Brazil. We want to provide those we work with—whether they are believers or not—with the wisdom, discernment, and practical skills necessary to overcome the barriers to becoming the people God designed them to be. We seek to approach those under our care from a holistic perspective, acknowledging and tending to the complex interplay amongst a person’s many facets (mind, body, spirit, soul, heart, conscience). 

We believe God’s Word to be our authoritative standard for all our counseling and teaching endeavors. We seek to operate from a counseling approach that is ultimately anchored in a Christian worldview and informed by research and practices from the social sciences, especially psychology. We believe psychology, or the systematic study of human behavior, can be a useful tool under the overall umbrella of general revelation—the truth about God and His created order that He makes known to us through creation. The social sciences can help deepen our understanding of the human condition in a broken world. As with all other areas of human knowledge, psychology can be very beneficial in what it has to offer, as long as its premises and conceptualizations are filtered through, and in agreement with God’s Word.

We believe we are created for relationships, hurt within the context of relationships, and also healed in and through relationships—with each other and ultimately with the Triune God. We strive to provide both our counselees and our students with a safe environment where they can experience grace, vulnerability, acceptance, and trust. Having faced many struggles ourselves, we are honored to serve anyone who desires to walk hand-in-hand with us to find new hope.